• True self-reliance, lasting improvements for the people and community of Mongolia.

  • Partnership and participation.

  • Increased economic growth and job creation.

  • Poverty alleviation.

  • Biodiversity protection while promoting economic development.

DSI is one of the first NGOs based in the United States that is dedicated to improving the lives of the people of Mongolia and educating the people of America on how these two cultures can work together in beneficial and meaningful ways. “Making a Difference in Mongolia” is at the heart of our core values. Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals, businesses, and communities of Mongolia through collaboration and partnerships with government agencies, local nongovernment organizations, academic institutions, and the business community. 

Through management assistance, research, evaluation, education and training, DSI works to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources. We strongly believe that local, community based approaches are essential to creating sustainable livelihoods, and increasing long-term productivity to benefit the poor and disadvantaged of Mongolia. Our ultimate goals are as follows: