DSI is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, provides economic development consulting services to improve people's lives in Mongolia.


Sustainable Community Health Program 

DSI works in partnership with The Federation of Mongolian Mining, Geology and Energy Worker's Trade Union on implementing occupational health and safety standards in the mining, geology, and energy sectors.

Digital Education for Primary School Children

DSI works with the National University of Mongolia (NUM) to enhance the training tools for primary school children by developing digital training tools for the children from herder families in a distant rural area.

Farmer to Farmer: Sustainable Animal Herding Program

DSI is collaborating with Department of Food and Agriculture of Uvurkhangai aimag to improve productivity and profitability of herders through targeted technical assistance and training by volunteers from Virginia and West Virginia. 

Mongolia's nomadic herders and rural community make up approximately 42% of the country's population.  Through education and training, DSI is positioned to help these hard working people continue to make a living and be competitive in Mongolia's changing economy.

DSI works with Arkhangai Aimag's the Governor's office and Health Department to improve health staff capacity, provide a health finance training and strengthen the local government's capacity to manage the limited financial resources.

Volunteer Stories

Virginia Tech Collaborates with DSI  

The Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty members and Virginia Cooperative Extension experts who are  well-versed in animal husbandry and the grazing needs of livestock collaborates with DSI by  volunteering to assist the Mongolian herders. 

Volunteer experts from the Virginia Tech, USDA, and West Virginia University are assisting to transfer knowledge and innovations directly to herders and others in the agriculture sector. Here are their stories?

Occupational Health and Safety Program in Mining 

Mongolian Herders Eager to Learn